Synchronising files in Teams to Windows Explorer

Synchronising files in Teams to Windows Explorer

Storing your files in SharePoint (which is used within Teams) is great for many reasons: resilience, version history and collaboration to name a few.

Sometimes though, it's easier just to use files in Windows Explorer, as this is what we are more used to.

To do this, first open the files section within Teams and select Open in SharePoint:

This will open your files in a web browser.

Click Sync:

If prompted, allow the link to open in Microsoft OneDrive:

After a few seconds, Microsoft OneDrive will open and ask you which of the folders you want to synchronise. Select as appropriate, and click Start Sync.

After a few seconds, you should find your SharePoint library as a folder in Explorer.

This will be under your organisation name. Every library that you synchronise will show as a new folder.
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